Mozo Samsung S9 Plus Back Cover Kallio


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Mozo Samsung S9 Plus Back Cover Kallio

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Helsinki Collection 2018

Back Cover Leather/Fabric
Color: Black/Dark Grey

Designed in Helsinki
Mozo is a small team of creatives with experience across different
design disciplines and a history of working with well known clients.
Our products are Inspired by minimalistic Nordic style, fashion,
architecture and design from our home in Helsinki, Finland.

Made in Europe
We focus on creating high quality, stylish and functional
products - made with care in Europe. This allows us to
easily visit manufacturers and ensure that products are
being made to our standards and nothing less.
Manufacturing in Europe allows us to effectively source
high quality materials, lower our carbon footprint and
ensure our products are being produced in a happy and
positive environment where people put extra care into
their work.

Töölö 00250 Helsinki
Töölö is a stylish, sophisticated and fashionable area of Helsinki which is home to the neoclassical
Parliament House and Temppeliaukio Church, carved from solid rock. The area has a lot of parks as well
as upmarket residential areas and a cosmoploitan feel. We were inspired by the style which can be seen
on the streets of Töölö - Nordic tones of grey and pastel colours with a minimal design. High quality
materials combined in an uncomplicated way