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The Best-in-class Standard in Performance and Comfort
The Kevo is an all-new generation of headsets for customer service centres and office, designed for the future, and built on experience. It incorporates all-day comfort, superior noise-cancelling technology and a long term reliability.

Elegant Design and Luxurious Comfort
Adjustable headband and bendable click-stop microphone boom arm work to enhance comfort.
Premium nylon composite materials provide an ultralight weight design.
Soft and comfortable foam/leatherette ear cushion.

Exceptional Audio
The ultra-noise-cancelling microphone provides the highest degree of background noise elimination in any of our headsets.
Wideband audio lets you have lifelike, vibrant conversations and reduces listening fatigue.
Sound protection technology protects hearing agents sound above 118dB.

Long-term Reliability
Metal joints are engineered to provide reliability where it matters.
Reinforced cord and rebust design are built to withstand the call-intensive environment, minimising operational disruptions and costly downtime.
The weight mono 100 gr

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